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traduction en anglais


i'm looking to the screen of the computer
i have been hous sitted my love*waiting*
u use to be online in the morning
and now i dont see you, what happens to you?
maybe today the tireness won you today *u sleep today/u are tired*
and maybe u havent wake up yet
ay, please come in, of this distance
i am suffereing, and only your face eases me
get online, we still need to know each other
i still need to know that one day i will feel yout kisses
and even if i have to write your name with keys
i want you to know that i want to be your man
get online, i still dont know your surname
i want you to know that i dreamed about you yesterday
minutes and seconds go by
hoping to be together
write your key, pleas get online
i have sleep very few since yesterday
maybe i have started loving you
my fingers claim you, my eyes call you
i want to see you on the screen
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