Es kommt ein Schiff geladen (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglaisanglais

Es kommt ein Schiff geladen

a ship is coming
fully laden on board
carrying God's son full of grace
with the father's eternal word
the ship goes quietly forward
she carries a valuable load
love is her sail
the holy ghost is her mast
the anchor clings to earth
the ship is there ashore
the word should become our flesh
the son is sent to us
born in Bethlehem
a baby in the stable
gives himself up for us
it must be vowed
Gelobet muß es sein
Merci !
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Es kommt ein Schiff geladen

Die Prinzen: Top 3
phillipjphillipj    Mer, 01/12/2010 - 04:01

This beautiful carol is found on Die Prinzen's Christmas album, "Festplatte" (1999).

One major error: "Gelobet muß es sein" is not "it must be vowed," but "He is to be praised."

It is preferable to translate "der heilige Geist" as "Holy Spirit." Holy Ghost is old King James language.

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