Gilbert Montagné - The Fool


The Fool

No, no don't let me play the fool
'Cause I can't really love you by the rules
For my love is sweet and free
No, no don't make me play the fool
For this thing you ask oh it's so cruel
Can't you see it isn't me?
What you ask of me is just to be your clown
Someone you can lead about and show around
Why make of our love a children's puppet show?
Why can't I simply love you in the way I know?
What I ask of you is not to turn away
Listen to the words that I am trying to say
Our love could be a new adventure every day
'Cause I love you, love you, love you, love you
All I want from you is a little sympathy
Try to understand how it would be for me
All my hopes and dreams would now be bound and tied
Any hope of freedom would have surely died
I want to know that I can fall in love again
And be sure that my love will never know restraint
So please just let me love you in the way I know
'Cause I love you, love you, love you, love you
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