Janeey (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Nabeel Shuail (نبيل شعيل)
  • Chanson: Janeey


جاني الخاين والاناني
عايز يرجعلي تاني
حيحير فية جاني تاني
ويسهر فية قال يعني
يعني ولا عمره خدعني يعني
ولاسبني زمان وباعني
جاي يعملهم قال ايه علية
دة كان زمان دة كان زمان يغلط و اسامح دة كان زمان
وراح زمان وشوق زمان دة ماضي جارح علية هان
جاني الي هجرني ونسيني
بيقولي وحشت عيني
بيقول اسمعله جاني تاني
وعايزني ارجعله قال يعني
يعني بيفكرني بهوانا
قال وبلحظة لقانا
وفاكرني هسامحه وحنسى تاني
وحقرب قلبه لية
traduction en anglaisanglais
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he came to me ,the traitor one ,the selfish one
he wants to come back to me again
he'll perplexe me again,he came to me
and make me stay up at night,he said so....
like he has never fooled me
nor he has never left me and sold me out before
it's like he came to fool me again
it was before,it was before,that he makes mistakes and i forgive
and the past has gone ,so is the longing of the past,it's been a cruel past for me
the one that abonded me and left,he came to me
telling me that his eyes missed
he asked me to hear him,he came to me
and wants me to go back to him again
like he was reminding me of our passion
and of the moment we met
and thinking that i'll forgive him and i'll forget again
and that i make his heart closer to me
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