The Last Hangmen - Hang'em High


Hang'em High

They fear our freedom
Of speech and will.
And what they fear
They try to kill...
Violence and propaganda,
Their lies keep blinding you!
They force the masses' cry:
Hang this traitors!
Hang'em high!!!
We'll never bow
To their rules
Or idle laws!
They are a swarm
Of uniformal fishes
And we're the sharks,
That are hunting
Their twisting ideals.
And that's a bitter taste
In our daily meals!
The word we spread
Is their greatest threat
And we will haunt them,
Even if we're dead!
Our liberty
Was our crime
So they decided
Ending our time.
Without a trial
The sentence was made,
But for our freedom
Our lives we trade!
Face the gallows, stand with me!
This will be our last victory!
With death's cold sweet embrace
We will gain eternal fame!
So my brothers show no fear.
Ignore what our hangmen say.
Be proud though end is near.
As heroes we will die today!
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These are the official lyrics, taken from the booklet.

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