Haifa Wehbe - Mat2olsh Le 7ad (traduction en anglais)


Mat2olsh Le 7ad

Spoken Part:
Fi nas by7bo b2olobhom msh b 3a2lohom
W fi nass 3alashan 7abayebhom yda7o b 3omrohom
W fi nass btwa3d w toufi
W inta akeed msh wa7ed mnohom
Msh 3ayza atkalem 3eeb
Inta matenfa3shi 7abibi
La t2ouli wla 2ollak
Shba3et mnel klam eli la twadi wala bygeeb
Don't tell anyone that you know me
Asl inta begad sa7i7 kasefni
7obak magnoun dalli mkhawefni
W btegri 3alya awel matshoufni
Ayami ma3ak 3adet 3al fadi
2al fakra b7bak
Atareek shi 3adi
Ana 3ayza ashoufak keda raasi w hadi
El nass shayfana btboss 3alaya
Et2al wa7yati law 7ata shwaya
Ya tseebni fi 7ali kefayak melaheya
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Don't Tell Anyone

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There are people who love with their hearts and not their minds
And there are people who sacrifice their lives for their loved ones
And there are people who make promises and keep them
And you, of course, are not from these people
I don't want to say anything impolite
But you're not the one for me, sweetie
Don't tell me and I won't tell you
I'm sick of this empty talk
Don't tell anyone that you know me
Because you are seriously embarrassing me
Your love is crazy and that is what's scaring me
And you come running to me as soon as you see me
My days with you were a waste
I thought I loved you
Turns out you were nothing special
I want you to be reliable and calm
The people see us and they are looking at me
Toughen up for my sake, even if it's just a little bit
Or leave me be, it's enough games
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