Rihanna - Talk that Talk


Talk that Talk

[Verse 1: Jay-Z]
I be trying to chill, bitches wanna fuck me
Every little city I go - fuck me!
Shawty must’ve heard, got the word, I move that D
Had it by a bladder, she like “oh I gotta pee”
Ran into a Rothko in my restroom
Singer slash actress in my bedroom
Gotta have a ticket for a walk through
Everything that do is big
I talk big money, I talk big homes
I sell out arenas, I call that getting dome
Million dollar voice, came through phone
We heading to the top, if you coming, come on
I’m Flying out to Pisa, just to get some pizza
Fly down to Jamaica, just to roll some reefa
Sex on the beach, left love speechless
They say that money talk, tell these other niggas speak up
What’s up
[Hook: Rihanna]
1 and 2 and a 3 and 4
Come on let me know if you want some more
You know what I like, that get right
Boy talk that talk to me all night
Yeah boy I like it yeah boy I like it
Love it when you talk that talk to me yeah
Yeah that talk to me yeah
Love it when you talk that talk to me, yeah
[Verse 2: Rihanna]
Say what you want, say what you like
Say you want me to do and I got you
Tell me how to love you, tell me how to hold you
I’m-a get it right on the first try for you
Cause you ain’t never had a woman like me
And you will never have another like me
No, so I’mma give it to you baby
[Bridge: Rihanna x2]
What you saying now, give it to me baby
I want it all night, give it to me baby
What you saying now, give it to me baby
Give it to me baby, give it to me baby
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