Ceca - Trazio si sve (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

You asked for everything

You asked for everything, I gave you everything
I never knew to say 'no' to you
you're my whole world
I dont want to know for the others
You seduced me, you knew it very well
I was kissing you, you stole my heartb
it's all clear to me
now that you're leaving me
I love you, I'm burning of love
I will suffer, and cry, but I wont beg you
I gave you my heart, I gave you everything
and i didnt get i'm sorry, nor thanks from you
I'm kissing you, but I know I'm losing you
I'm still dreaming that I wake up happy
with with bitter tears I'm dealing hard
I prefer to die than to beg you
You sweared to me, you promised love
I was hoping, you gave me strength
like never before
I dreamed non-existing dreams
You took everything, you gave me lies
I lost everything and I'm not sorry
at least i had
one crazy illusion and passion
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Trazio si sve

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