Aşk Kovulmaz (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Mustafa Sandal
  • Chanson: Aşk Kovulmaz 6 traductions
  • Traductions : allemand, anglais #1, #2, azéri, persan, russe
traduction en anglaisanglais

Love Wouldn't Expel

Versions : #1#2
You now to the separateness tree
This love of hanging by going are you?
One life from very love doesn't exit
Human one time loves don't you know?
We black winters from
White springs didn't we do?
We all storms at
One mountain like didn't we stop?
Still loving while
Hearts from love wouldn't expel
You too if you go
This city at wouldn't live
Snow raining
Very from closed ways
You stay so, don't go so
City snow white cries
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Aşk Kovulmaz

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