Protiv Svih (Against everyone) (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglaisanglais

Against everyone

It's all the same,
I know you stole dreams,
And tread without a shred of pride,
You step on it and you're lying,
You build towers, walls,
And keep it in your chambers
Will you listen, what they tell you?
Will you let them snatch everything from you.
You, you need that, now,
I shout out loud, freedom forever !
Against everyone, I beat up (the drum).
And everyone shouts,
To his ruler, we are the strongest.
And they cry (whine), pray, crawl,
Everyone is submissive.
Know that, because there are a lot of us,
We are waiting for the end,
And we are tearing down your towers.
You, you need that, now,
I shout out loud : freedom forever !
Merci !
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Protiv Svih (Against everyone)

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