Joseph Attieh - Al Oula (الأولى) (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

The First

Oh my soul mate, listen to me, just listen
If I get you out of me, my soul would go too
I fell in love with you so badly; I fell in till I passed out
Since the day I saw you; I can’t find where my mind has gone to
You’re the first and the last; you’re the love of the life
You, and no one but you, the one who owned my soul
You’re so dangerous that you set your place inside of me
No princess was worn after you were born
I’ve wanted you since the day I came to this life
I fell for your eyes since that time
I’m so attached to you; I can’t do it without you
I assure you that if it weren’t you; I would have never loved in my life
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Al Oula (الأولى)

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