Oum Kalthoum - Alatlal (الأطلال) (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

The ruins

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Oh my heart don't ask where's the love, it was a monument of illusions so it collapsed
Pour me and lets drink on its ruins, and tell of me as long as the tears are running
How that love became past and a story among the stories of sorrow
I don't forget you, when you've seduced me with a mouth sweet in the calling and tender
And a hand extending towards, like a hand extending through the waves to a drowning person
And a sparkle that makes a walker (traveler) thirsty. Where's that sparkle from your eyes
Oh (you're) a love I once visited his grove, (as) a longing bird singing my pain
You have the delays of a humiliating beneficiary, and the presence of a willing controller
And my longing for you is burning my ribs, and the seconds are burning coals in my blood
Give me my freedom, let go of my hands, I gave (everything) and left nothing (to be given)
Ah, your chain is bleeding my wrist, why do I keep it when it's kept nothing of me
What's my keeping of promises you didn't protect, and what's the imprisonment when I have all of life
Where is it from my eyes, a magician lover, with pride, majesty, and modesty
Confidently stepping, he walks, an angle with an unjust beauty, a tender glory
With an aromatic charm like the breath of the hills, and wakeful(?) eye like the dreams of the night
Where is it from me, an assembly with you in it, a seduction that's been perfected with sublimity and radiance
And I'm a love and a heart that's wandering, and lost butterflies, drawing near to you
And the yearning is a messenger between us, and a friend forwarding the glass to us
Has love ever seen drunkens like us? How much imagination we built around us
And (how much) we walked in a moonlit road, where joy would skip before us
And we laughed like two little kids would laugh together, and we ran till we outran our shadow
And we came to our senses after the nectar was gone. And we awoke; oh how I wish we don't awake!
An awakening that knocked out the dreams of the sleep. And the night was gone; and the night was a friend
And the light is like flames rising up, and the dawn is approaching like a fire
And life is just as we know it, and the loved ones are each their (separate) way
Oh you who are awake at night (talking to himself), you sleep a little, you remember the promise, and you wake up
And when a wound is healed, a new wound opens in the memories
So learn how to forget, and learn how to erase
My love, everything is destiny, we didn't choose to be created miserable
Maybe our fates will reunite us again one day, after the meeting has become precious
So when the lover denies his lover, and we meet like strangers do
Then each of us goes on to his business, don't say "we willed", for it's luck that willed.
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Somewhat literal translation. Directly translated by me. I'm a native Arabic Speaker who's fluent in English.


Alatlal (الأطلال)