Alison Moyet - invisible

  • Artiste: Alison Moyet ( Geneviève Alison Jane Moyet)
  • Traductions : italien


you've got me so confused and there's words i could use
but i'm afraid to say them
i feel i've been had and im boiling mad
still i cant live without you
you dont have the time and you wont spend a dime
not even to call me
you dont know i exist and i wouldn't be missed if i had the nerve to quit you
invisible,i feel like i'm invisible
you treat me like i'm not really there
and you dont really care,
i know this romance isn't going nowhere
invisible,you treat me like i'm invisible
when you get the need to flirt you do your work
you just dont care how much it hurts
i can never reach you on your phone
it rings and rings when i know you're home
it may be naive but i want to beleive
that im the only one
i tell myself lies,and give you alibies
knowing your promises you'll never keep
like a merry go round im going up,going down
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