Oslo Ess - Alt Jeg Trenger (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Oslo Ess (Åsmund Lande (vox), Peter Larsson (guitar), Knut-Oscar Nymo (bass), Einar Stenseng (keys))
  • Chanson: Alt Jeg Trenger
traduction en anglais

All I need

I have slept at the station, I have slept there again
I have been on water and bread together with the worst men of the city
But tonight I will sleep outside in the rain in the open, although my mother said I could come home
I have eight long hours till the sun goes down, I stop, fill the tank up, then I leave
'Cause I can hear the waterfall roaring, I can hear the wind say; tonight, man, you can have peace at last
All I need and all I own is waiting for me
Waiting the Winter till it's Spring, was there last year and they are there this year
There where the asphalt never reaches, there where the asphalt never reaches,
I have picked a saxifraga for your broken heart
And another to myself for a start on something new
It can tear some peasants if the queen only is safe
Monday is a wonderful day for birds which are free, I cross latitudes northwards, see stripes flying by
I have fumbled around in the dark, but I have found the way out, and I will never go back there again
I have crawled my whole life, every step has been a struggle, (I) live like a fly, (I) eat other people's crap
At home mother says that I have always been (?), that I have fucked it up since the day I was born
But now I lie on the roud, drive like a bitch
No stubborn peasant kan stop this guy, but now I'm fed up, I drive without stop, now I come home to you
I have slept at the station now for the very last time
Never again will anyone denigrate me with rank, but I can feel that I'm alive, feel the rain falling down
The raindrops which give me peace, the raindrops which give me peace
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Alt Jeg Trenger

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