Sayonara Gokko さよならごっこ (Anime/TV Dororo ED) (traduction en portugais)


Sayonara Gokko さよならごっこ (Anime/TV Dororo ED)

憂鬱が風に散らばり 吹き溜まって影になる
僕らの足音は 無明を饒舌に諭す
君の瞳の深さを 覗き見て狼狽える
望みなどあったでしょうか この行く先には
おどけて笑うのは この道が暗いから
燈を灯すのに 僕がいるでしょう
暮れる 暮れる そして夜が来る
未来 未来 君のせいなんだ
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This is only the TV-sized portion of the song that was used as the ED for Dororo. The song and official lyrics haven't been released, so this will probably just be a temporary video until I can get my hands on the whole thing. Some of the lyrics might be ultimately incorrect, but this is a mixture of ear-transcription and others' proposed lyrics. Let me know if you guys have different interpretations of the lyrics.

One line that seems to be fairly disputed is "僕らの真っ赤な悲しみに暮れる、暮れる、そして夜が来る". I personally couldn't hear the particle after 悲しみ as anything but に, and it sounded much more like 真っ赤な than 中の. What we have of the song so far seems to all be riffing on themes of being lost and in the dark, which is why I picked words like 無用 instead of 無常/無情. I also think the 僕らの真っ赤... line is meant to be a *bit* of wordplay, since 何々に暮れる means "to be lost [in something]" and 暮れる by itself means "to get darker/later", which helps explain the に after 悲しみ.

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Fingir dizer adeus

"Fingir dizer adeus"
Melancolia se espalha com o vento, e o mesmo colhe as sombras.
Os nossos passos inquietos nos avisam de nossa ignorância.
Eu ainda me perco quando vejo a profundidade de seus olhos.
Nós tinhamos esperanças, não tínhamos? Sobre o que nos espera?
Nós rimos e brincamos porque a estrada é escura
e nós temos que acendê-la, não temos?
Eu estou acostumado a fingir dizer adeus,
e mesmo assim eu chorei assim que acenei.
Nossa tristeza vermelha está
acabando. Acabando. E então a noite cai.
Mesmo que seja inevitável que chegue o amanhã,
eu não disse que iria querer vivê-lo.
Mesmo que eu esteja melhor desistindo, continuo sonhando
sobre o futuro. O futuro. E a culpa é sua.
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