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anlatamadığım şeyler var (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste : Anıl Emre Daldal
  • Chanson : anlatamadığım şeyler var
traduction en anglaisanglais

There are things that I couldn't say

You'll end this road which you have begun with crying,
In the same way, you'll end it.
You will bump into someone,
You'll love her more than yourself.
As you forget your past,
You'll destroy your future
In the end when you're done
You'll go back to your mum
As I lay dying here
There are things that I couldn't say to you
As I lay dying here
There are things that I couldn't shout so as not to make you sad
As you cry there
There's already a fire in me
I couldn't curse you (in order to kick you out)
I couldn't kiss you (in order you to stay with me)
I'll drink on my own from now on
Why am I alone again?
As you tell something about there
There are some issues that I cannot admit inside
As you scream out there
There are a lot of things that I shut up for
As I burn away here
Your tears cannot extinguish ( my fire )
Merci !
Publié par uniquenessuniqueness 2022-08-15
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anlatamadığım şeyler var

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