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    Suspicion • Astra

Taille de la police

paroles de Suspicion

Where were you yesterday?
I called you up
No one answered
The phone rings now
All the time
I pick it up
No one answers
I know it seems like I just can't go ahead
Sometimes it's like holding a gun to my head
I get the green light but I'm still seeing red
Something I can't stand
In the park, yesterday
I saw a face that spelled danger
A friendly smile, a worried look
I mistook for a stranger
I keep on fighting and I know I can't win
Something's biting me I'll never give in
Coming back to me again and again
Message in my hand
Eating away at me, it won't let go
Suspicion is following, everywhere I go
He walks before me, he's someone that I don't know
Where were you yesterday?
Where will you be tomorrow?