Cristian Castro - Azul (traduction en anglais)

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It was a morning when I met you
When the breeze kissed your sweet skin
Your sad eyes which I adored on sight
The night that I loved you, eh...
Blue, when silence finally kisses you
Blue, I felt this love be born deep inside
Blue, today I look at the sky and I can see in you
The star that I always dreamed of.
Blue, and it's that this love is blue like the sea
Blue, like my illusion was born from your gaze
Blue like a tear when there is forgiveness
So pure and so blue that watered my heart.
It's that this love is blue like the sea
Blue, like the blue of the sky was born between the two of us
Blue, like the bright star of our passion
A blue spring...that fills me with love.
Like the miracle I waited for so much
You are the girl I always looked for
Blue, it is your innocence that I want to understand
I will be your Prince Charming.
Blue, is my madness if I am next to you
Blue, you will be a ray of moonlight for me
Blue, with the rain painted blue
Will be only you forever.
Chorus (5)
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