Blackmore's Night - Morning Star

  • Artiste: Blackmore's Night
  • Album: Under a Violet Moon
  • Traductions : allemand, italien, serbe

Morning Star

There are shadows in the sky
Dancing in the air
Calling to my heart
Saying, "If you dare,
We're running fast
We're running far
Trying to catch the Morning Star..."
And time and space
Our only shield
Keeping secrets
Falling night
Breathes in the dark
Trying to catch the Morning Star...
I can fly through my mind
when I see them as they shine
Can it be so hard to try
and charm the elusive Morning Star...
So within the chase
We soon will find
The light of the moon
Those left behind
Try to free the gypsy in their hearts
By trying to catch the Morning Star...
Now that the time
Has come and gone
Illusion has past
And we're on our own
Know the dream is never far...
When trying to catch the Morning Star...
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