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I appeal to the people all over the world
To fight by bettering each other in song
Let the beautiful voices break the ice chains
Let the melody be all that in our hearts remains
Let's move on from old injuries
Let's heal and not hold to despair
Let's get rid of the prejudice everywhere
Let the music reign as we love in it share
Don't judge man against woman - they are equal, you see
Just like the race black or white - we are waves from one sea
The World is awfully small - don't divide it in strife - and before it's too late
Do NOT march to the false prophets' beat of division and hate
There's no need for complexity for this message to take
We share a single and unarguable trait - we love music -
Some find opera incomparable - this is just great!
But in metal and rap others find truths to relate!
We find ourselves over here to translate
To forge understanding, to find a word not a blade
To have our part in a great human experiment
To divest of the past and into future invest.
Merci !
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