Blow off steam

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  • Expression idiomatique: Blow off steam
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Kafa Dağıtmak
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Although this expression goes back to steam engine days when a relief valve would control excessive steam pressure. Today it means to blow off excessive energy or emotional excess like anger or boredom. When someone is kept idle too long, or feels encaged, entrapped they want to 'unwind', to blow off steam.
Children at recess are blowing off steam so they will be attentive in class.

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Βγάλτο από μέσα σου

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давать выход избытку энергии; дать выход чувствам; "выпустить пар"

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« Blow off steam » dans des paroles

Gery-Nikol - I Definitely Kill Them

I want you, you make me feel in the best way!

My mind leaves my body, I want to blow off steam
we've lightened cigars and champagne is being poured

Selçuk Şahin - Slow Mashup

Everything is in pieces

Blow off steam by getting used to it
Those memories, slowly

Fabrizio Moro - This is gasoline

I would like to be interviewed
by Santoro or Luca Giurato
And to blow off steam on TV news
And to tell everyone how badly I hurt

Fall Out Boy - 20 Dollar Nose Bleed

Mr. Benzedrine
But don't let the doctor in
I wanna blow off steam
Call me

Zik Zak - Street urchin

I don't what's happening to me
I get sick at nights
I drink to blow off steam
but I don't want to pay

ALMA (Finland) - Worst Behavior

I don't really care what you think of me
Kind of my thing, baby
You don't need to judge how I blow off steam
Like you live perfectly

M.I.A. - Lights

Some people don't get it so I keep 'em in line
It's good to take a minute and take it all in
It's so important sometimes that I blow off steam
Got to get another sweater from my helicopter

Lefa - Bottle knock

The hard life used to wait for me in a dressing gown, rose petals from the bed up to the bath tub
The hotel cameras saw me take off like a black convertible
Long and grim like death row, my dressing room is where I blow off steam
Don’t touch the mic, you’re not doing shit, you rap like an asthmatic in a smoking room

Giannis Savvidakis - Someday I will do many things

I have already opened my wings
And I want to fly now
I feel that I will blow off steam
I am looking for a voice to talk [fn]I need to point out that he's looking for a voice for himself and not the voice of someone else[/fn]

Sum 41 - Dave's Possessed Hair / It's What We're All About

With a dialect most men in science can't disect
Thoughts interwoven, and let us interlock
So now it's my thing to blow off steam and get my cream
Sum 41 get wild, I get frantic