Lisa Ekdahl - Bortom det blå (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Beyond the blue

¤¤¤ I saw a man wading down in the water
I asked where he was going
He said" I go there where my legs carry me
It will not be so hard"
He told about sky and sea
He chose the most used words
But the words came alive when they camo out his mouth
Yes, it was like I suddenly understod ¤¤¤
* That we are many talking about the sea
But few has sea in the eyes
Once I met a man with eyes like that
But none of them I asked knew where he was going
And we are many talking about the sky
But few can understand the eternity
I saw a man carring the sky inside him
But where is he going there is no one who knows *
¤¤¤ I saw a man... ¤¤¤
*That we are many.. *
He saw the sun in the eyes
He was light as the wind
He looked beyond the blue of the sky
When he went fell a tear to my cheek
*For we are many... *
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Bortom det blå

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