Nino Ferrer - C'est irréparable (traduction en anglais)

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It's Beyond Repair

I know that it's over,
I know, but I ask you,
Listen to me just the same,
Listen to me because I love you.
Since we parted
I alone am amazed
My days are so slow
Empty and obsessing
I am alone, the night comes
And I remember
Of one year of love
The lazy mornings
Rainy evenings
The holidays, and the wind
And your fair body
Of sun and sand
One year of love
It is beyond repair
One year of love
It's beyond repair
Now it only me
Another is with you
And you, you smile at him
As you smiled at me
And this smile, you see
I hate you for it
I hate you, but I love you
At bottom, it comes to the same thing
I love you, don't you understand?
Did I really lose you?
One year of love.
Years of regrets
Dead leaves
And the past
The autumn carries away*
The dreams and the fables
One year of love
It's beyond repair
The autumn carries away
The dreams and the fables
One year of love
It's beyond repair.
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* (lit: takes away)
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C'est irréparable

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