Candela (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Chayanne
  • Chanson: Candela 2 traductions
  • Traductions : anglais, tchèque
traduction en anglaisanglais


One night the moon, at the seashore
it is the perfect place to converse
to tell you what you are starting.
I want to steal a kiss from you and tell you my love
life is so short and the pain is so long
that the desire to have you is burning me up.
And it's that I'm 100% in love
slave of your skin
and the rub of your lips
that have never kissed me.
Put more wood on the fire, candle
because I want to be the flame in your bonfire
put more wood on the fire, candle
and give me the heaven of your hips
put more wood on the fire, candle
let me explore you entirely
put more wood on the fire, candle
and later do with me what you will.
Don't let fear make your skin turn white
let me give you a new dawn
and see the sun rise in each heartbeat.
Cling tightly to my chest, embrace me strongly
feel me slowly and open the doors
that some time your injured heart closed.
Because I am going to erase yesterday for you with my hands
and love you so much, so much
like they never loved you.
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