Canta corazón (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Alejandro Fernández
  • Chanson: Canta corazón 6 traductions
  • Traductions : allemand, anglais #1, #2, français, serbe, tchèque
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Sing, Heart

Versions : #1#2
Sing, Heart of Mine
For my eyes have already seen her around here
For I've dreamed with her smile, for I've passed by her house,
For she has come here because she wants to be happy
Sing, Heart of Mine
For the love of my life is finally here
For I've saved every letter that I wrote with the words
That you sowed in every kiss I ever gave you.
And as time went by I imagined you holding my hands
And with the rain I consoled your absence through the years
And as time went by I knew that someday
You'd be dying to come back
I told you so singing, I told you so, face to face
That you'd come back with me
You'd come back because you don't want to lose me
I told you so singing, I told you so, face to face
That you can't start a morning without My kisses
And kick me out of your life
And of your mind
Sing, Heart of Mine
For it was written in life, that her and me
Were like April and March
A waterdrop in the desert
That we'd be as close as the Sun and the Moon
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This translation is not 100% literal, and a few parts of it have been translated to find a similar meaning in english.


Canta corazón

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