Caroline (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: MC Solaar
  • Chanson: Caroline 4 traductions
  • Traductions : anglais, espagnol, finnois, russe
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I was cool, sitting on a bench, it was spring
They pick up a daisy, they're two lovers
Overdose of softness, they're playing like children
I love you a little, a lot, like crazy, passionetly
But following a painful sentimental disappointment
I went from warm to brutal
The hatred of a being isn't in our prerogatives
Tchernobyl, tcherno-stupid ! Radioactive jealousy
Caroline was a friend, a splendid girl
I remember her, us, our vanilla cones
Her strawberry, raspberry, blueberry cravings
I'm the ace of clubs spading your heart
The ace of clubs spading your heart
Caroline* (x2)
Just as a four-leaf clover, I'm here to make you happy
I'm the man who's just in time to take your heart
Gotta watch your step, Caro this message comes from the heart**
A pyramide of kisses, a friendship storm
A wave of caress, a hurricane of softness
An ocean of thoughts, Caroline I offered you a building of tenderness
I was scared to death, I'm chased by the Red arm(y)
I took green notes for you, had to move
Arsonist of your heart, fire-fighting plane of your fears
I offered you a color symphony
She left, maso
With an old macho
She met in a subway station
When I see them holding hands smoking the same cigarette
I feel a twinge in her heart, but she doesn't dare to say a word
It's because I'm the ace of clubs spading your heart, Caro-Line
I'm the ace of clubs spading your heart (x3)
MC Claude takes on the mic love story ragga muffin style
To tell you about a friend named Caroline
She was my lady, my fix, she was my vitamin
She was my drug, my dope, my coke, my crack
My amphetamine, Caroline
I remember her, present day woman, 20, young and pretty
Let's rewind the movie, life VCR
Tears flowed for her, if I have to admit it
Eye haemorrhage, long live our friendship
The one that was, is, and I hope will be
I passed by to be present... In your future
Life is a cards game,
Paris a casino
I play red... heart... Diamond/Caro
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Commentaires de l’auteur·e :

* Diamond cards in French are called "carreau", which sounds exactly the same as the beginning of Caroline.
** The three following lines are also play on words on cards:
"Comme le trefle quatre feuilles, je cherche votre bonheur" = here we have "trèfle", which means club in French
"Je suis l'homme qui tombe pic, pour prendre ton coeur" = "tomber à pic" means to arrive just in time, but pic is a homophone for "pique", which means spade.
"Il faut se tenir carreau, caro ce message vient du coeur" = "Se tenir à carreau" means "to watch your step", but also can be heard as "hold on to Caro". Also there are the two remaining diamond (=carreau) and heart (= coeur) in this last line.



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