Cristian Vasile - Ce vrei sa-ti scriu ? (traduction en anglais)


Ce vrei sa-ti scriu ?

Ti-aduci aminte ce dulci cuvinte ne impleteam in scrisori
Odinioara pe dinafara le stiam uneori
Scaldate in lacrimi noi le citeam
Si apoi le sarutam
Totul se curma
Si-n cea din urma
Eu nu stiu ce sa-ti mai scriu
Ce vrei sa-ti scriu?
Acum cand ne despartim
E prea tarziu
Noi nu ne mai iubim
Cuvinte dragi de amor
Se scriu, se spun la timpul lor
Astfel le-am repetat
Ne-am inselat
Ce vrei sa-ti scriu?
Din toata dragostea ce-a fost
Ce vrei sa-ti scriu?
E fara rost
(Refren : 2x)
Sa nu ne mai mintim
Prieteni doar sa fim
De-as incerca
N-am sa stiu vorbe dragi ca altadata sa-ti mai scriu
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traduction en anglais

What do you want me to write?

Do you remember the sweet words we used to weave in letters?
There was a time when I knew some by heart,
Bathed in tears, we used to read them,
And then kiss them,
Everything came to an abrupt end,
And in the last one,
I don't know what to write you any more.
What do you want me to write?
Now that we are breaking up,
It is too late,
We do not love each other any more.
Sweet words of love
Are written, are said when the time is right,
In that way, we repeated them,
We were wrong.
What do you want me to write?
Out of all the love that once existed,
What do you want me to write?
It is useless.
Chorus x2
Let's stop lying to ourselves,
Let's just be friends,
Even if I tried,
I would not know how to write words as sweet as before.
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