Chiedi scusa (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglaisanglais


In the end it is always the same images
That come back up, as if it were a déjà-vu
I see myself in the process of sublimation of reality
As if I were something of a symbolist
Yeah, you know, the charm of the gloomy, of the funereal
Calls me out loud sometimes, so I wander at night
I let myself be carried away when I hear the owls
Scream loudly, hidden by the shadows
Very often if I think about it, then I get lost and can't sleep
And on my bed I torment myself, time passes and day breaks
And the chaos that rumbles, that knocks on my door
No longer surprises me, it's the same déjà-vu
I have a rather crepuscular view
Of the world I step on as I live and look upward
While an abandoned dog is busy rummaging
Through the bins of a somewhat isolated supermarket, yeah
In the decadent empire advancing in the mind
The tendency is self-destruction, in the acceptance
Of a future in anticipation of an unknown fate
I feel a little confused
In your eyes, in my dreams
I see a me that does not reflect what I would like to be
And the more the night advances, the stronger the malaise
I love the little things slightly concealed by the shadows
Look a little further, yeah
Perhaps on the horizon you will find an answer
Possibly the right one
And believe me I know, yeah, I know what I talk about
If I'm now telling you no, esthete in the shadows
It's a form of languor rooted in mood
It's life in a slightly more cryptic narrative
Symbolic in its ways, in its interpretations
Alone, lost, meaningless, in a narrow abstract stretch
Merci !
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Chiedi scusa

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