Sniper - Chienne de Vie (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Bitch of a life

I'm amputated of a wing, why asking for help?
Taking blows is my job in this bitch of a life.
To run away from problems, you consume trees. (weed)
vices and doubts, me, I'm emerging from this bitch of a life.
I have nothing else to lose, my bro,
for me there's no doubt we're apt for this bitch of a life.
leave my bearings? No comments, only "hass" as far as I can see. (arab term)
Bitch of a life.
you want the-shut your mouth
veins full of it
don't give a shit about rubbish
shit, we're getting sick 24/7 on the nerves
turning into suicidal trips
like goth dudes
it's selling grey from Paris
nothing exotic
curing migraines
it's roof hits in the walls
each day arguing
practicing dying
until we clap out
damn, always need some demonstration
so that people realize
when the devil asks for a dance
we don't know when chance's over
so I accidentally accepted his invitation (ref. to louise attaque)
whatever the hour, or the season (ref. to louise attaque)
I'm in the error, in a dark trip
I'm making a mockery of it
but i'm not getting better
I'm seeing so many people
turning nuts (lolipops), smoking, drinking, "ciblette" (?)
more pierced than a target
and targeting "stebler" (?), if you're what hurts life
but that's theirs they're leaving
between violence and "Nessbeal" (?)
A thought for all those who are part of
reve-team (dream team)
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