People whose parents are from another country

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People whose parents are from another country

This is a collection of people who have parents (or a parent) who are immigrants (who is an immigrant)

Both of Nelly's parents are from Portugal

Both of Biggie's parents were from Jamaica

Miguel's mother is from Italy

Simone's father was from Belgium

George's father was from Cyprus

Both of Tina's parents are from Italy (Sicily)

Both of Jennifer's parents are from Puerto Rico

Erika's mother is from Brazil

10. Cardi B

Cardi's father is from the Dominican Republic and her mother is from Trinidad

Artiste | Belgium Pop

Both of Belle's parents are from Spain

Christina's father is from Ecuador

Both of marc's parents are from Puerto Rico

Both of Frank's parents were from Italy

Enrique's mother is from The Philippines

Norah's father is from India

Anoushka's father is from India

18. Dua Lipa

Both of Dua's parents are fom Kosovo

Artiste | Finland Pop

Anna's father is from Portugal

20. Loreen

Both of Loreen's parents are from Morocco

Bebe's father is an ethnic albanian from Macedonia

Both of his parents are from Ethiopia

Both of freddie's parents were from India

24. Tommy Lee

Tommy's mother was from Greece

25. Zayn

Zayn's father is from Pakistan

Eric's father is from Lebanon

Laura's father is from Italy

29. Stromae

Stromae's father was from Rwanda

Meghan's father is from Afghanistan

Audrey's mother was from The Netherlands

Top song:  Moon River
Artiste | France Opera

Both of Erza's parents are from Kosovo

Artiste | Greece Pop Pop-Folk

Both of Eleni's parents are from Albania

35. Cascada

Lead singer Natalie Horler's parents are both from the UK

Vanessa's father is from Croatia

Mark's mother is from Poland

38. Casper

Casper's father is from The United States

Artiste | Netherlands Pop

Her parents are from Iraq

Natacha's father is from Egypt

41. Dalida
Artiste | France Pop

Both of Dalida's parents were from Italy

Artiste | Japan Pop

His father is from South Korea

Achampnator's father is from The Czech Republic

Edsilia's parents are from Aruba and Curaçao

46. Rihanna

Rihanna's mother is from Guyana

47. Aminata

Aminata's father is from Burkina Faso

48. Natasja
Artiste | Denmark Reggae

Natasja's father is from Sudan

Phil's father was from Guyana

Top song:  Military Man

Gene's mother is from Hungary

Top song:  Radioactive

Mick's mother was from Australia

Both of Shane's parents are from Ireland

Tony's mother is from Italy

55. Orianthi

Orianthi's father is from Greece

56. LaFee
Artiste | Germany Pop-Rock

Lafee's mother is from Greece

Dean martin's father was from Italy

Luis's father is from Spain and his mother is from Italy

Both of Vienna's parents are from Taiwan

Artiste | United Kingdom

Both of JJ's parents are from France

Top song:  We Were Lovers

Patricia's mother is from Germany

Artiste | Sweden Pop

Veronica's father is from Italy

63. Ilanit

Both of Ilanit's parents were from Poland

Tata's father is from The United States

Artiste | Japan Anime Pop

Olivia's father is from The United States

Artiste | Japan Pop Punk Rock

Anna's father is from The United States

Top 3 songs:  Stand By Me Lucy My Fate

Both of Serge's parents were jews from Russia

Both of Tinie's parents are from Nigeria

Artiste | Germany Disco Pop

Ireen's father is from the UK and her mother is from Germany

Renee's father is from Switzerland and her mother is from Norway

71. Plavka

Plavka's father is from Croatia and her mother is from Peru

Top song:  Kaleidoscope Skies

Both of Ritchie's parents were from Mexico

Both of Charles's parents were from Armenia

Artiste | France Pop

Both of Bilal's parents are from Morocco

76. Buika
Artiste | Spain Flamenco Jazz

Both of Buika's parents were from Equatorial Guinea

Artiste | Portugal Pop

Both of Sara's parents are from Cape Verde

78. Hadise

Both of Hadise's parents are from Turkey

Nikki's father is from Portugal and her mother is from Cyprus

80. Jay Sean

Jay Sean's parents are from India

Charli's mother is a gujarathi indian from Uganda

Top 3 songs:  1999 5 In The Morning Boys
82. Pitbull

Both of Pitbull's parents are from Cuba

84. Toy-Box

Anila's father is from India and Amir's parents are from morocco

85. Drake

Drake's father is from The United States

Artiste | Lithuania

Andrius's father is from Russia

88. Akon

Both of Akon's parents are from Senegal

Both of lead singer Veronica Codesal's parents are from Spain

Top 3 songs:  Sanomi Kerua Sans Garde-fou

Paula's father was born in Syria and raised in Brazil

Silent Rebel's mom is from Tonga and his father is german

Omar's father is from Jordan

Maria's father is from the united states

Barack's father was from Kenya

Top 2 songs:  1999 Underground
Artiste | United States

Bernie's father was from Poland

Top song:  Vermont Speech
Artiste | United States

Both of Mario's parents were from Italy

Destiny's father is from Nigeria

Top song:  Not My Soul
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Christina's father is from Ecuador and her mother is Irish-German

Madonna's father was Italian and her mother Canadian

Norah Jones father is Ravi Shankar (from India)

Anoushka Shankar is Norah's half sister (same father, Ravi Shankar)

Dua Lipa's parents are from Kosovo

Anna's father is Portuguese.

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Parents: Chinese
Kris Wu is in fact Canadian and has lived there since he was 10. There's misinformation on his page.
Parents: Iraq
Origin: Russia
Origin: Tonga
Origin: China