Songs that Cure my Depression

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Songs that Cure my Depression

These are my favorite songs. The ones I listen to a lot, or most of the time. The ones I prefer when I'm doing work on my playlist. The ones that get me thinking about life, or for when I'm sitting alone at a restaurant trying to not look like a lonely sociopath eating Chinese. These songs have brought me through the worst of times and the best of times and should be thrown together for others to see. I'll add more in the future

It is almost like a nursery rhyme. Beautiful, subtle, poetic. Love this song and finally decided that I should put myself to work and translate it.

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Krovi is an interesting song that still resonates. Much like the Vietnam war for us Americans, the Soviet-Afghan war was a brutal stain in world politics, and this song vividly immortalizes this reality

I'll always have a spot for Mashina Vremeni. This song is just too catchy and upbeat for what it is about. Which I still wonder what it is about. Either way, it is a nice song that just makes my mood a bit better even if it isn't the brightest of songs

On a different note, this song is just pure poetry and I wish my translation captured that side of the song. Sadly though, I was unable to. However, it is a powerful song and one I will remember for a while

Somehow this song makes me laugh everytime Makarevich says "Okay". Just something about his accent. Yup, a very petty thing to like about a song but I'm not lyrical critic

Yes, Nautilus Pompilus did the song as well. However, the two songs may have similar lyrics, but the performance, the vocals, are completely different. I prefer Makarevich's take because of the metal sound to it. Feels more angsty. The original just felt too sorrowful (which makes sense) but much like Sekret's original version of Alice, the song's tone doesn't match the vocals. My opinions

Somehow, and I'm not too certain here, but yes, Sekret manages to make songs from a whole different level of meta. Sure, it is a group of men who make pop-rock, but that doesn't stop them from make this extremely catchy song about the troubles girls go through in school. Catchy, with a nice chorus, and mentions of bears and saxaphones, it is truely the perfect song for when I'm depressed.

Another of Sekrets, this one is a bit more jovial than the rest, although the thought of him droning people to death with thousands of records singing them through the night does sound horrifying. A death I would not wish upon my enemy

A reminder to life and all that it is. That you're walking on the edge, and so have a little bit of faith (even if you're an atheist like me, gotta have hope).

I don't have to explain this one. Just gotta quote the song on this one as to why I like it so much :
"When the foam rises, it simply refuses to sink,
When the foam rises, it does so because, mostly, it is made of shit"

This song is cheerful although kinda depressing. However, the real charm is the half-ass broken English in the mid-final chorus line. Besides that a good song and I'm happy to put it here.

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First, update video links. Second, add the collection to your profile. A catchier title and cool image wouldn't be amiss. I also think that adding alternate performances you mention via [!video: link] would add some interest.
I really like that you narrated your choices.

Vladimir4757Vladimir4757    Sam, 26/10/2019 - 13:10

Don't ask me about the links. I'll fix those. Gimme a sec