Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2011 (JESC 2011)

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All entries from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2011 – “Reach for the top!” It took place on 3 December 2011 in Yerevan, Armenia.

01. Russia: Katya Ryabova with “Romeo and Juliet” in Russian was placed 4th with 99 points

02. Latvia: Amanda Bašmakova with “Moondog” in Latvian was placed 13th with 31 points

Traductions:  anglais
Chanson | roumain Lerika

03. Moldova: Lerika [Valeria Engalycheva] with “No, No” in Romanian+ was placed 6th with 78 points

Traductions:  anglais translittération

04. Armenia: Dalita (Avanessian) with “Welcome to Armenia” in Armenian+ was placed 5th with 85 points

Traductions:  translittération anglais

05. Bulgaria: Ivan Ivanov with “Superhero” in Bulgarian was placed 8th with 60 points

Traductions:  polonais translittération

06. Lithuania: Paulina Skrabytė with “Debesys” in Lithuanian was placed 10th with 53 points

07. Ukraine: Kristall [Kristina Kocheharova] with “Evropa” [Європа] in Ukrainian+ was placed 11th with 42 points

Traductions:  russe

08. Macedonia: Dorijan Dlaka with “Žimi ovoj frak” [Жими овој фрак] in Macedonian was placed 12th with 31 points

Traductions:  translittération

09. Netherlands: Rachel (Traets) with “Teenager” in Dutch was placed 2nd with 103 points

Traductions:  anglais espagnol suédois

10. Belarus: Lidiya Zablotskaya with “Angely dobra” [Ангелы добра] in Russian was placed 3rd with 99 points

11. Sweden: Erik Rapp with “Faller” in Swedish was placed 9th with 57 points

Traductions:  anglais néerlandais

12. Georgia: “Candy” with “Candy Music” in Georgian+ were placed 1st with 108 points

Traductions:  anglais translittération

13. Belgium: Femke (Verschueren) with “Een kusje meer” in Dutch was placed 7th with 64 points

Traductions:  anglais suédois