Non-Romantic Vol 3 - Cheerful, Oldies or Vintage

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Oldies or Vintage. Upbuilding, CHEERFUL (or at least not sad, this is subjective). Avoiding vulgarities.

Non-Romantic Series of Collections (getting mind off romance):
Vol. 1 Cheerful rock, pop
Vol. 2 Serious, awareness
Vol. 3 Cheerful oldies, vintage
Vol. 4 Cheerful world (timba, samba, etc.)
Vol. 5 Encouragement
Vol. 6 Positive family, friendship or unity (storge, philia, agape)
Vol. 7 Cheerful misc (jazz, country or anything that doesn't fit into 1-6)

Yakety Yak / Coasters

Traductions:  allemand

Beautiful Morning / Rascals

Traductions:  espagnol

Wonderful World / Louis Armstrong

Sunny Side of the Street / Louie Armstrong

Swinging on a Star / Bing

Traductions:  grec espagnol italien 1 more

Accentuate the Positive / Bing

Traductions:  allemand

Groovin' / Rascals

Hound Dog / Elvis

Traductions:  serbe allemand roumain 4 more

Fun Fun Fun / Beach Boys

Traductions:  suédois allemand français

Surfin' Safari / Beach Boys

Traductions:  suédois

Oom Mow Mow / Rivingtons

Good Day Sunshine / Beatles

Penny Lane / Beatles

Teach Me How to Shimmy / Unknown (From musical Smokey Joe's Cafe)

Jailhouse Rock / Elvis

Traductions:  croate russe grec 11 more
Chanson | anglais Chicago

Saturday in the Park / Chicago

Traductions:  allemand néerlandais
Chanson | anglais Sam Cooke

Chain Gang / Sam Cooke - Cheerful melody, serious lyrics. Seems to fit in better with oldies than Vol. 2 Serious