Non-Romantic Vol. 4 - Cheerful world (timba, samba, etc.)

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Upbuilding, CHEERFUL but avoiding anything that arouses romantic or erotic feelings. Avoiding vulgarities. The best are uptempo. All languages welcome.

Non-Romantic Series of Collections:
Vol. 1 Cheerful pop, rock
Vol. 2 Serious, awareness
Vol. 3 Cheerful oldies, vintage
Vol. 4 Cheerful world (timba, samba, etc.)
Vol. 5 Encouragement
Vol. 6 Family, friendship or unity (philia or agape)
Vol. 7 Cheerful Misc (jazz, country or anything that doesn't fit into 1-6)

Compositor confundido / Ibrahim Ferrer

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Força da Imaginação / Arranco de Varsóvia

La vida es un carnaval / The beloved Celia Cruz

Este seu olhar / Vanessa da Mata (written by Tom Jobim)

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BreezyDay    Lun, 14/01/2019 - 22:29

I've heard this song on the radio but did not hear the lyrics. They are indeed cheerful and I think I'll put this in my Encouragement Collection as well. Thanks.

BreezyDay    Lun, 14/01/2019 - 22:29

You're the second person to recommend his music. I need to prioritize the exploration of his music, I think. Thanks.