Number One Hits in Germany (1975)

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Number One Hits in Germany (1975)

The official German single Charts were introduced in December 1953. This list includes all no. 1 hits from the year 1975.

Instrumental track "Dolannes-Melodie" by Jean-Claude Borelly topped the German single charts for one week at the very end of the year.

1st January - 26th January

3rd February - 9th February

10th February - 2nd March

10th March - 13th April

Traductions:  anglais grec italien 5 more

3rd March - 9th March

Traductions:  allemand
Chanson | anglais Sweet

14th April - 20th April

12th May - 15th June

Traductions:  serbe russe allemand

16th June - 14th September

Traductions:  grec russe allemand 2 more
Chanson | anglais ABBA

15th September - 2nd November

3rd November - 7th December

15th December - 28th December

8th December - 14th December