Songs about the capitals of Europe

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In this collection I want to present one song for each capital of the 51 countries that are partially or entirely in Europe. I've only added songs that are native to the countries whose capital they refer to (if possible).

There are different opinions on where to draw the border between Europe and Asia, so I stuck to the list that wikipedia provides:

About Tirana, capital of Albania.

About Andorra la Vella, capital of Andorra.

About Yerevan, capital of Armenia.

Chanson | allemand Falco

About Vienna, capital of Austria.

Traductions:  anglais français
Chanson | azéri Elvina

About Baku, capital of Azerbaijan.

Traductions:  turc anglais allemand

About Minsk, capital of Belarus.

Traductions:  anglais translittération

About Brussels, capital of Belgium.

About Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Traductions:  anglais turc russe 1 more

About Sofia, capital of Bulgaria.

(Sadly, I only found this football anthem. If someone finds a better song, I'll be happy to replace it.)

Traductions:  translittération

About Zagreb, capital of Croatia.

Traductions:  anglais portugais

About Nicosia, capital of Cyprus.

(Sadly, I only found this football anthem. If someone finds a better song, I'll be happy to replace it.)

About Prague, capital of the Czech Republic.

Traductions:  turc tchèque allemand 1 more

About Copenhagen, capital of Denmark.

Traductions:  anglais allemand grec

About Tallinn, capital of Estonia.

Traductions:  anglais

About Helsinki, capital of Finland.

Traductions:  anglais français

About Paris, capital of France.

About Tbilisi, capital of Georgia.

Traductions:  anglais

About Berlin, capital of Germany.

Traductions:  anglais français

About Athens, capital of Greece.

About Budapest, capital city of Hungary.

Traductions:  français
Chanson | islandais Sykur

About Reykjavik, capital of Iceland.

Traductions:  anglais suédois

About Dublin, capital of Ireland.

Traductions:  français serbe italien

About Rome, capital of Italy.

Traductions:  anglais japonais

About Astana, capital of Kazakhstan.

Traductions:  translittération

About Riga, capital of Latvia.

Traductions:  anglais russe

About Vaduz, capital of Liechtenstein.

(Sadly, I only found this football anthem. If someone finds a better song, I'll be happy to replace it.)

Chanson | anglais Justin3

About Vilnius, capital of Lithuania.

About Luxembourg, capital of Luxembourg.

About Skopje, capital of Macedonia.

I didn't find a song about Valletta, capital of Malta, so i posted the Maltese national anthem as a placeholder.

Traductions:  anglais tonguien russe 1 more

About Monaco, which is a city state and hence its own capital.

Traductions:  anglais russe

About Podgorica, capital of Montenegro.

Traductions:  russe portugais

About Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands.

Traductions:  anglais russe français

About Oslo, capital of Norway.

Traductions:  anglais

About Warsaw, capital of Poland.

Traductions:  anglais russe croate

About Lisbon, capital of Portugal.

Traductions:  anglais italien serbe 2 more
Chanson | roumain Ombladon

About Bucharest, capital of Romania.

Traductions:  anglais français
Chanson | russe Glukoza

About Moscow, capital of Russia.

I haven't found a single song about San Marino, so I posted one of their Eurovision entries as a placeholder instead.

Traductions:  anglais turc espagnol 10 more

About Belgrade, capital of Serbia.

Traductions:  italien russe anglais
Chanson | allemand Faber

About Bratislava, capital of Slovakia.

About Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia.

Traductions:  croate russe polonais 2 more

About Madrid, capital of Spain.

Traductions:  anglais

About Stockholm, capital of Sweden.

About Ankara, capital of Turkey.

Traductions:  anglais espagnol grec

About Kyiv, capital of Ukraine.

Chanson | anglais The Clash

About London, capital of the United Kingdom.

Traductions:  français grec serbe
Chanson | italien Laibach

About Vatican City, which is a city state and hence its own capital.

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