Unstable partner - Love songs

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This regroups all the song when the Partner is Something crazy, depressiv, suicidal, and the
other one tries to do Something sometimes without success, risking his own health in the process
This collection is opened for song suggestions, and its aim is to be of use for everybody.
This project is the result of collective work (still having to be done), by all the members that
suggested songs in comments, in addition to the one i knew. I thank you all in advance for
your precious help, and suggestions and would be really glad if this is of help to anyone Regular smile

Chanson | anglais Lambretta

She tries to reason with him, because she really is in love
and cannot come down to live him on the side, that make
her angry, because this became also for her a dangerous game

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Yvonne is trying to reason with her boyfriend when he just arranged
himself to be passiv, all because of a difficult event he had to face.
She asked him to go forward, but he doesn't seem to be receptiv, and
willing to go forward

Traductions:  anglais français

He has been badly touched by Something, as he already suffered a lot
and she will stay at his side until he overcome this diffculty and
find the strenght to laugh again

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It seems, she chose the wrong/ bad guy, even if she "knew" it, she liked that.
She realizes only now, and it hearts even more that she loves him.
He was long gone when he met her, probably meaning he can't be helped
As he would be already too far away

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The guy loves her, but she is kind of cruel, and won't give love back, because
she probably thinks she is not worth to be loved.
after he gave his better years to her. he just need some love from her back.
he feels captive, and will threw himself under a car, if she won't come to him

Traductions:  anglais

The girl thought she could have a normal Relationship with a boy,
but, she can't resist cheating, and doesn't fit in this role, he want to marry
but she warned him she was trouble.

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Chanson | anglais Madonna

Her boyfriend seems obsessed, with things, having regrets, she doesn't want to lose
him, because she'll be heart broken. she would like to help him get better

Chanson | anglais Eneli

The guy is angry Inside, it is burning him, and its destroys him and his girlfriend.
she tries to understand why.

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Chanson | anglais Kate Ryan

She is with someone that hurts her. She would like to go, but she is too weak,
to gather enough strength. She is trying to understand him, rising, and falling again,
although she doesn't think of him as the one.

Traductions:  français
EnrixosfromParis    Dim, 11/03/2018 - 19:46

Thanks for your input,
well according to the English translation i read, it seems it has more with masochist love, than with an unstable Partner
maybe i should create a new collection Wink smile

EnrixosfromParis    Mar, 03/04/2018 - 19:07

Hi, thanks for your song,
i put in "Burning desire - Love songs"