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Please note that this collection consists of songs from animated movies that were nominated for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards, meaning that they didn't win the award. Songs not listed: • Saludos Amigos from Saludos Amigos (1943) • The Woody Woodpecker Show from Wet Blanket Policy ...
A list of my 10 personal favorite non-Christian songs of all time.
Романтичные турецкие песни о любви.( В коллекцию добавляются только те песни, у которых есть качественный русский перевод). Romantic Turkish songs about love. (Only those songs that have a high-quality Russian translation are added to the collection) .
26Ferty Ferty
This is a collection of songs about Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster. Anyone is welcome to offer suggestions!
21Туна Ченевская
This is part 2 collection, after Ramadan Ads. below are the Eid Ads which you can see the main theme of it is cheerfulness and sharing happiness. After the sunset of the last day of Ramadan every Muslim who has more money or food than he needs should give the poor some food or money before the Eid ...
5Sara Ba
Songs about June
A collection of songs about people with disabilities. Suggestions welcome!
Songs about sports
49Олег Л.
FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Songs Please suggest any other that you know!
Esta coleção contém 100 músicas brasileiras que na verdade são traduções/versões em língua portuguesa de outras.
28Alma Barroca
Название коллеции навеяно названием песни группы 25\17 В коллекцию входят песни: - о парах, где мужчина значительно старше -о безответной любви зрелого мужчины к юной девушке или наоборот -и не только о любви, а просто о молодой девушке и мужчине в возрасте.
Songs about the Mexican state of Oaxaca (and its many regions) or that originate from that state.
The opening and ending themes featured in Mexican telenovelas.
Песни и стихи, где упоминается возраст человека (число лет)
Here is a collection of songs about elopement
The German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 1997 was held on 27 February in Lübeck. Nine acts competed and the winner was chosen by televoting.
A collection of songs focusing on a unique group of people - the Cossacks
Hello Chinese speakers, learners, If you know or like any Chinese songs, then I invite and ask you to share them here. For the sake of people who are learning the language, or people like me who just like the songs ~ Any genre is welcome !
All entries from Russia’s National Final for Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018. It took place on 3 June 2018 at Artek, Crimea.
12Ivan U7n
Here is another collection of songs about gypsies
A collection of collections related to Mexico.
Songs in any of Mexico's many other indigenous languages (may include songs in an indigenous language + Spanish).
Ranchera is a genre of the traditional music of Mexico. It dates before the years of the Mexican Revolution. It later became closely associated with the mariachi groups which evolved in Jalisco. [Reference]. Since there is no genre on LT for Ranchera, I have decided to find all the artists on LT and...
Even if you don't like Marvel movies, admit it: your inner child/pre-teen has always wanted to hop on a spaceship and travel across the galaxy with a gang of space rogues while listening to '70s music with a green alien with daddy issues, a literal talking racoon, an anthropomorphic tree and Chris ...
12Higgs Boson
The German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 1988 was held in Nuremberg on 31 March 1988. There were twelve acts competing and the winning entry was chosen through a telephone survey among 519 pre-selected viewers. Each one of them had to rank the songs from 1 to 12. Before the national...
Here is the second collection for songs about unrequited love
Rap (em inglês, também conhecido como emceeing) é um discurso rítmico com rimas e poesias, que surgiu no final do século XX entre as comunidades Afro-descendentes nos Estados Unidos. É um dos cinco pilares fundamentais da cultura hip hop, de modo que se chame metonimicamente (e de forma imprecisa) ...
A música de Angola é uma das mais importantes manifestações da cultura deste país. Luanda, capital de Angola, é o berço de diversos estilos como o kuduro, o Adoço (mistura de kuduro e house), merengue, kazukuta, kilapanda e semba. Na ilha ao largo da costa de Luanda, nasce a rebita, um estilo que ...
Singers who lived through Mexico's Golden Age of Cinema where they either had roles in films where they provided their vocals or their careers took place during this time. 1933 to 1964 (some will argue that the era was between 1936-1957, but I will add anything between 1933 to 1964),
Here is a collection of the song Frère Jacques in many different languages
The German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 1979 was held in Munich on 17 March 1979. There were twelve acts competing and the winning entry was chosen through a telephone survey among 500 pre-selected viewers. Each one of them had to rank the songs from 1 to 12.
All entries in the Eurovision Song Contest 1969.
old ani-son collection
The German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 1969 was held in Frankfurt am Main on 22 February 1969. There were three acts competing and each of them performed three songs. The winner was chosen in two rounds of voting. In the first round of voting, one song per artist was chosen; ...
Português: Coleção com as cantoras homenageadas com o título 'Rainhas do Rádio', entre as décadas de 1930 e 1950. Na foto: Dalva de Oliveira. / English: A collection with all the singers honored with the title 'Rainhas do Rádio' (Radio Queens) between the decades of 1930 and 1950. Pictured: Dalva ...
3Alma Barroca
Songs with female names
This collection is mainly dedicated to the Welsh/Celtic culture: music, culture, poetry, sport...
Songs that include a longing for Mexico, it's independence, or general patriotism for the country.
известные стихи, положенные на музыку.
A list of all opening and ending songs for anime series starting with the letter G.
A list of all opening and ending songs for anime series starting with the letter F.
A list of all opening and ending songs for anime series starting with the letter E.
A list of all opening and ending songs for anime series starting with the letter D.
A list of all opening and ending songs for anime series starting with the letter C.
A list of all opening and ending songs for anime series starting with the letter B.
A list of all opening and ending songs for anime series starting with the letter A.
The top 10 songs submitted to the contest, as announced by Gackt on December 15, 2009. The song to receive the highest rating—KanimisoP's Episode.0—and the runner-up—NatsuP's Paranoid Doll—were covered by the singer and released as a single on July 13, 2011.
South African (and other) Artists (meaning they sing mainly in Afrikaans) in this Collection:
Songs about broken families, children growing up without a father...
Song about nurses or mentioned them
Песни, в которых упоминаются персонажи книги Михаила Афанасьевича Булгакова "Мастер и Маргарита"
The Collection of Top Songs by Enrique Iglesias
20Bassel Alatrash 1
Songs (mostly Russian) about cats
My favourite Brassens' songs. Cover versions included.
The German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 1957 was held during a segment of the game show „Zwei auf einem Pferd“. There were four songs competing, however „Ich brauche dein Herz“ ("I Need Your Heart") by Reneé Franke, which finished second, appears to be lost.
Songs with female names.
Songs about cats
songs where female underwear is mentioned
This collection is of the english translations I made of the Leo Masliah Tales. Songs aren't included.
32Diazepan Medina
Songs about mental disorders, mental hospitals and so on...
Songs where smoking is mentioned
Songs with "blues" in the title
Предложения принимаются, но добавляю только те песни, которые мне нравятся и кажутся подходящими.
"Я люблю тебя", "I love you" , "Je t'aime", "Te amo ", "Ich liebe dich", "Σ' αγαπώ" etc
A collection about songs from Telenovelas. | Una colección acerca de canciones de telenovelas.
Songs sung by Dima Mashnin
15Danny Swartz
Songs about flowers or that mention them.
Songs about flowers
Songs from popular culture, i. e. preferably non-sacred music, that mention Our Lord and God Jesus Christ. Canções preferencialmente populares, evitando a música já destinada a uso sacro/litúrgico, que façam menção a Nosso Senhor e Deus Jesus Cristo.
Best esc songs.
10Maria Kritikou
A collection of narcocorridos.
Celebrity cameos and celebrities starring in music videos.
Here is another collection of songs about butterflies
I'll have to set a couple of rules, otherwise the list would never end 1. Only one-word titles 2. Songs from famous artists
Songs by VOCALOIDs
Songs from openings
Songs and poems, where May is mentioned (Песни и стихи, где упоминается месяц май)
Here is a collection of songs about butterflies
This is a collection of Eurovision 2018 songs that have other versions in different languages.
6Даниил В.
Italian translations of the whole album by 'The Cranberries', in the loving memory of Dolores O' Riordan
12Berny Devlin
Here is a collection of songs with the colour blue in the title
Songs sung by Sergey Paramonov
11Danny Swartz
my favourite sons from Soviet movies мои любимые песни из советских фильмов
Песни о Великой Отечественной войне
The songs that participated in the Eurovision Song Contest of 2007 from first to last place.
All Disney and non-Disney films/shows songs dubbed in Spanish (both Spain Spanish and Latin American Spanish).
Songs from Hindi shows or films that were covered in Tamil in their dubbed versions.
Here is a collection of songs off of the soundtrack to one of my favourite movies of all time City of God/Cidade de Deus
Here is a second collection of songs about all types of people on people abuse wheather it be physical, verbal, emotional or mental (No alcohol or drug abuse songs)
Songs written or co-written by Carole King.
Every year, Telecom companies compete in releasing the best Ramadan advertisement videos. Ramadan and Eid ads. are different and special than all other ads. They always represent the Ramadan and Eid spirits. Spreads good messages of sharing happiness doing good deeds. In the Islamic believes the ...
4Sara Ba
A collection of songs that talk about women selling their bodies. Prostitutes, strippers etc.
This regroups all the opera songs, found in movies
Songs should be dedicated to a Mary or include the name at least once in the lyrics *the list is being updated*
Gergaiaan is a traditional event celebrated by kids in gulf countries each year, either 2 weeks before Ramadan or in the mid of Ramadan. It's like "trick or treat" but instead of wearing costumes they were traditional clothes and sometimes "Modernized" traditional clothes. They pass by neighbors ...
4Sara Ba