Jūrmala (Юрмала) (traduction en anglais)


Jūrmala (Юрмала)

Сосновых крон невидно боле,
Коих не видывал дотоле,
Пока не побывал я здесь:
В Балтийском море, лесе, пляже,
Вечерний ресторан уляжет
Bсе беды прошлые мои.
Сидеть в лесу в глуши тенистой,
У моря жажду утолить –
Всё связано судьбой пятнистой,
Её возможно изменить.
Морские волны, брег песчаный,
Как на ладони темный лес
Уместно здесь только молчание -
В мире с обилием чудес
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Мой первый стих в этой жизни. Написан в июле в поезде, по пути из Юрмалы в Москву...

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The tow'ring pine trees crowns lie lofty ,
above the silence so serene.
Unknown embrace leading me softly ,
In place I've never before seen.
At dusk the tiny cozy restaurant,
Before the baltic sea lies vast,
This newfound wellspring soon will quiet,
The ailing troubles of my past.
In wild and shady woods I'm sitting,
The sea will quench my thirst so great.
A patchwork fabric, fate's been knitting,
Subject to change is even fate.
The sandy beach with waves so lustrous',
Dark forest on palms of my hands,
Silence alone will do it justice,
This great and eerie wonderland.
His brother's name was Jubal; he was the father of all
who play stringed instruments and pipes. (Genesis 4:21)
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an attempt of a second translation with meter intact. i couldn't manage to get the first stanza into 6 lines, so i made it 8.

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SaintMark    Lun, 23/07/2018 - 12:47

don't you read your poems on youtube ?
probably s.o. else would love to read them ?

Alex Listengort    Mar, 17/07/2018 - 10:57

I've been thinking of that like a month ago
Not about the poems themselves but to make videos on some spiritual and everyday issues
Like education, sex, military service, relations, creativity, etc.

This is my YouTube channel Regular smile Wilkommen