醉拳 (zuì quán) (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Drunken Master/Drunken fist

(verse 1)
My life is full of ups and downs like sea wave
against all insults and wrongs, I will smile
I get low I will get high
I am shaking but I won't topple down
the truth about the drunken, I know all
(verse 2)
I never use the sword to fight for my fame on this big world
i can take all heavy chains and burdens on my shoulders
I never shout my grievance and plead/beg for mercy
I can stoop in order to help my friends
Be the drunken master, Be a good man
(verse 3)
Stop talking about the craziness, the Madmen are really very kind-hearted.
Stop laughing at the frenzy/hysteria/ecstasy, cos it's hard to find the mad heart
Stop fearing of the drunk, I got drunken and got high-spirit
we dare to be crazy, mad and drunken when we are young
( repeat verse 1)
Bottom up
Stand strong, take it easy
only drink a little, don't sneak out
Hit tiger with board, chicken eats worm
when chicken eats worm
it will become dragon(long)
look at my reddish face, my neck becomes thick too
I know in my heart I am a hero
( repeat verse 2)
( repeat verse 3)
we dare to be crazy, mad and drunken in this present day
( repeat verse 1)
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醉拳 (zuì quán)