Billy Barman - Ej, taku mam pasiju

Rusyn (Carpathian)

Ej, taku mam pasiju

Ej, taku mam pasiju,
ej, pacurky na šyju.
Ej, perstinok na palec
s frajirom na tanec.
Ej, ked sobi zaspivam,
ej, ne treba mi hrati.
Ej, ja za svojim spivom
možu tancovati.
Ej, spivam sobi veľo,
ej, ale ne veselo.
Ej, bo u mojim serdci
veselosti malo.
Ej, malo, mi je malo,
ej, ale veci bude.
Ej, bo u tym Kyjovi
žyjut šťastni ľude.
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TellKris    Jeu, 15/11/2018 - 19:19

This is actually Rusyn and not Slovak Regular smile

Alma Barroca    Jeu, 15/11/2018 - 19:27

It appears that we don't have Rusyn in our language lists so far. For the time being, this will be marked as 'Other' and I'll make the admins now about it. If you by chance find more content in Rusyn, please contact a Mod, as we can ask it to be added. Do you know if the other songs by this artist are in Rusyn as well?

TellKris    Jeu, 15/11/2018 - 21:41

There are already two songs in Rusyn language (but they aren´t from the same artist), as far as I´m concerned they are also listed in the topic ´Rare languages´ and with this one there should be 3 songs in Rusyn. Therefore I think there might be a category made for this language.