Rockit Gaming - Roll or Die (Cuphead Boss Rap)

  • Artiste: Rockit Gaming (Vinny Noose)
  • Artiste invité: FabvL, Divide, Vinny Noose
  • Album: Cuphead (2018)

Roll or Die (Cuphead Boss Rap)

Roll or die
Roll or die
Roll or die
Roll or die
Roll or die
Roll or die
Roll or die
Roll or die
[Verse 1]
Feelin' frantic in the botanic panic
With a root packin' jammin' now I'm feelin' organic
Gettin' full eating all these vegetables
Potato and onion a carrot lookin' psycho!
[Verse 2]
Goopy le grande
Kill you in the 1st degree
Rest in peace with a boss like me
Bouncin' up and down with the gloppity hop
I'm a slippery slugger with my boxing gloves
[Verse 3]
Flappin' those wings
All the way to the sky
I'm a threatening zeppelin
Come on and join the fight
They call me Hilda Berg
I'm on an all-time high
Takin' out your cupheads
Float up on cloud 9
[Verse 4]
Comin' through my fural fury
Gettin' worried
Allergies actin' vision gettin' blurry
Cagney Carnation, causin' frustration
Droppin' seeds on top of you
i bring the pollination!
Wake us up inside
Because the bosses own the night
Says the contract that we signed
'Cause we roll or die, roll or die, rollin'
Gamble with our time
Because chance is on our side
Will you fold or stack 'em high
'Cause we roll or die, roll or die, rollin'
Roll or die
Roll or die
Roll or die
Roll or die
Roll or die
Roll or die
Roll or die
Roll or die
[Verse 5]
Fightin' souls ever since we been some tadpoles
Windin' up a punch, double team 'em take control
Call us Clip Joint Calamity
You'll have to scream profanity
While stackin' up your losses
You'll become another casualty
[Verse 6]
Now, I won't sugarcoat it
I'm the greatest bound to win
Baroness van bon-bon
I'm the candy queen of sin
Lackin' chin
I can see it
Other demons gettin' scared
In the sugarland shimmy man
You better come prepared
[Verse 7]
You hang around this pyramid
You're bound to be in peril
'Cause the genie don't grant wishes
And this puppet's actin' feral
Slappin' cups and mugs around
You can never take the heat
Master Demon's got ya' chokin'
On a streak
Always play for keeps
[Verse 8]
Come into the carnival
Hang out with the clown
Beppi doesn't bite
Swear it's safe so come on down
We've been entertainin' demons
Longer than you been alive
Come and see what happens if you take a ride
Take a look inside
[Verse 9]
I own the air
Don't you dare to try me
Better be scared
I got more than just myself
In this house so be aware that
Me and my son got this fight on lock
I can see your time in comin' to the end
[Verse 10]
My my my my fire
Is a burnin' hot desire
T-t-t-t-take you down
As these clouds
They take ya' higher
But know that I got 3 heads
They're gonna keep you spun
Watch the fire march
Comin' for you off my tongue
[Verse 11]
Dang, you look tasty
Please don't you be hasty now
I wanna take you make you mine
Never can leave my hive
Wanna come test me
Gonna try to contest me
I'm the queen bee cuphead
Nothin' can best me
[Verse 12]
Ha ha ha
Captian Brineybeard here
He only got 1 eye but I can see your end is so near
So give it your best shot
To this mighty sea rover
Is that all you got
Why don't you wake me when it's over
[Verse 13]
Dramatic fanatic gettin' up on the stage
A big wave, works its way
Third phase my game
They're runnin' away
Starlet's rage'll make ya' afraid
Give me an ovation 'cause you stared in my play
[Verse 14]
Werner Wormer here call me a murine
My cannon fires loud got shot from a spring
Fire streams, burnin' up
Splitin' you at the seams
Final phase a cat, I'm controllin' it's brain
[Verse 15]
Doctor Khal is back
I'll turn you to scrap
With my robot in the junkyard
Shootin' out bombs
Do your best, shatter its chest, heart is a mess
Trust me when I say my diamonds a real test
[Verse 16]
Cala Maria mermaid of the sea, yeah
Fishes are my friends
They'll kill you in their leisure
Look into my eyes
Chills you down to the bone
It'll petrify you quick, turn your cup into stone
[Verse 17]
All aboard the phantom express
I'm a skeleton mess
You got a bone to pick
Watch your back
On my tracks
Before I turn the heat up and watch your cups go crack!
[Verse 18]
You better think twice
Before you roll the die
'Cause you got one life
So you better play it right
I'm a guy in disguise wearing a purple bow-tie
With a grin so big
It'll make you go cross-eyed
[Verse 19/The Devil]
You made it this far it's been a hell of a time
Remember how I said you'd be free well I lied
Your in my house now
The flames they will surround
Get ready for your death we're goin' deep underground
Ah ha ha ha
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