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Inscrit·e le: 09.03.2017
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I don't know whether I am posting this topic in the most appropriate forum, however,
Today I have accidentally stumbled upon this website:

It appears to steal all translations from this site, without giving any credit to neither this site, nor the authors of the translations themselves.

I have found my translations there.

What is there to be done about this issue?

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Inscrit·e le: 14.10.2016

I'm not sure what is to be done. Unless we can contact the moderators/owners of the site, it seems we are somewhat powerless.

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Inscrit·e le: 19.07.2018

Please forgive me, but why is it important? It's not like you'd get paid otherwise. I have the same objections to performers like Stromae removing their lyrics from this site. Certainly, it is nice to get the acknowledgement, just as we should do it when we locate lyrics and translations elsewhere, but to copyright translations? To be upset of finding them elsewhere is too much, IMHO.

Inscrit·e le: 09.03.2017

@BlackSea5ever I'm not upset when finding my translations elsewhere, I'm upset for not getting credit for them. I get upset when my translations are stolen without any given credit. If credit was given, I wouldn't be upset.

Anyway, I just checked today and it appears that that website has all of the translations from this site which are done into Serbian and English language. At least it has all of mine, even the ones I just made today. So it seems that they're somehow stealing them automatically as they are being made.

That's all this website is, like a database of translations from this site, without of any other content.

If I were the admin, I'd contact the owners of the site, an email address appears on the bottom of the page, I wonder if it's an email in function.

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Inscrit·e le: 19.07.2018

Why does it have to be admin? You can try hopefully not fictional email yourself since all your work is there.
Or just think of the pleasure that people will get from looking at your translations even if they don't know you...
Nobody ever looks at credits, we hardly ever know who wrote music and lyrics of the popular songs, and, while, I know it's nice to be acknowledged, it isn't essential. Let's be clear, I'm in the minority - most people here have the copyright under their work.

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Inscrit·e le: 16.12.2017

This actually can be a serious legal issue, but I am not a lawyer, just using a common sense. l’ve seen many LT translations with some kind of “copyrights notice” and it seems reasonable to me. And I was under impression that all LT translations are under copyright protection, but I must be wrong.

Would be very much appreciated if LT could explain how it works Regular smile

Inscrit·e le: 27.05.2008

Unfortunately, such stealing happens quite often, and we have no effective way to counteract. Owners of such sites just ignore complaints. The good news is that, mainly, these sites have no significant traffic and authority.

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