[SOLVED] [CLOSED] Do I have any personal saying in how I should transcibe and translate lyrics on this site?

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Do I have no saying in how lyrics should be written over a moderator in lyrics I add?
I'm not talking about capital letters, but the way the sentences are written?

Like squeezing verses together and adding a comma between them instead of a new line, but then not adding commas in places where they add them in other places in the lyrics where there are not 2 sentences after each other with a comma between them?
Example: "För jag vill inte stanna, vi går skiter i dem". If I have to be so damn technical when writing lyrics, why not a second comma after "vi går"?
Another example: "För klockan den är för mycket jag vill inte gå, baby". Should be another comma after "mycket", but the moderator seem to disagree.

Do the translated lyrics need to copy the original lyrics in the way the sentences are built(even if the originally transcribed lyrics are guesswork from the transcriber)? If yes, why? If not, why not?
If the author of the lyrics has their own site with the lyrics to their song, and no letters are capitalized at all, do I still need to capitalize like usual?

Where do I draw the line between my own interpretation of how the lyrics should be written so it 1) looks good, 2) keep the flow of the song better?

2 lines between verses and bridge/chorus is a must?

If the lyrics are in Swedish, do I have to write all non-Swedish words in the lyrics in italic?

Where do I draw the line between written and spoken language differences?
A lot of the time I think writing lyrics in written text destroys the flow of the lyrics - especially if it's a rap or hip hop song.
For example: writing "sådana" instead of "såna".
Writing "dem" instead of "dom", which, in a way, destroys the rhyme or flow even if you pronounce "dem" as "dom".

Are sounds that are not actual words forbidden? Like "ey"? Again; flavour. It's a good thing and adds to the lyrics if it's not overdone, in my opinion.
Moderators seem to hate written spoken language and want the lyrics to be written in a very technical way(but then only do that to like 75% of the lyrics, which irritates me to no end).

I need to edit all my lyrics to capital letters, but if I have no saying in how the sentences are built or the language used, I might aswell not bother with this site at all.

Unrelated question:
If a sentence is starting with "'cause", should the c be capitalized or not? Or maybe "'cause" is also forbidden; I have to write "because"?

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Hi, Erik
I understand your concern. Mind you, editors apply generally accepted standards to lyrics. But if you think some certain songs need a particular approach to editing you may easily discuss it with a Sweedish-speaking editor you find here Regular smile

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As I've already told you, the rules speak clear about the "have a saying in how lyrics should be written over an editor or moderator" subject. If an editor or mod decides to change something you wrote, you may discuss their decision with them, but you can't undo it yourself, and if you want to add something which was missing in the first place, even before your text underwent modifications, you can again talk it through with the person who edited it last. Any modification to any text can anyway be reported under this thread:

As we've already started this conversation via PM, I invite you to ask any question there. Topic closed.

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