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In a city full of monkeys I am the king
Because I am singing for the masses with strange grimaces
The females scream, all monkeys jump
Fine thing that I'm the most prominent monkey
I chill, have a wonderful day
A couple of primates and a barrel Havanna Club
I pose, have style in front of the camera
And earn a lot of Banana na na na ...
With my monkey power I sing pop songs
Girls get shudders, their boyfriends are getting angry
She blows me a kiss, I knock over a bus for her
Stand in the sun and drum on my chest
Red fur, thick head, look like a young God
Mothers lock the doors, mares flee in gallop
I see a blonde woman, hook her from the balkony
And she fondles me all night long
Everything is colorful, noisy and flashing
City full of monkeys is full and stinks
Smog in the lungs comes up and grins
I climb on a house and hear myself sing
We celebrate without reason, come smoke and drink
The party is a success, we are deaf and blind
In a city full of monkeys it's noisy and stinks
Everything is flashing, you'll get deaf and blind
We celebrate exuberantley, I smoke and drink
Monkey even celebrate when sad
A rough wind blows through the city
You meet a pack of young dogs who are angry
They have too much time, these barkers search for a conflict
I'll try to be out of their way as fast as possible
A thousand tons of pigeon sh*t, all gray and filthy
Get every trash into one's mouth
The monkey get lazy and fat
You're not in a good shape and you'll be devoured
Unchewed, shortly digested and forever forgotten
I don't care, I can't live with this dirt
And I can't do without it either
I'm in a good mood like a mob of children without charge
If the noise is getting my nerves, I'll climb on the TV tower and enjoy the sight
Get out of his way
He rotates around the block, needs enough space
He steals the neon letters from the shops
Writes his name into the night
From Neukölln up to Ku'damm
He makes a spectacle and you want a bonus
A primat needs to have no job
A city monkey needs to have the city in his blood
Merci !
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jmobilejmobile    Lun, 30/05/2016 - 08:57

This is a really great translation. I wished this was more of a wiki format so that I could offer suggestions inline. Some ideas:

I would translate feiern as "party"

Affen feiern auch wenn sie traurig sind => Apes (monkeys) party even when they're sad.

Stand in the sun and drum on my chest => Stand in the sun and pound on my chest

I would absolutely love to see this song translated into English with a proper rhyme scheme, rather than a literal word-for-word translation.

Thanks for this translation Steena!

jmobilejmobile    Lun, 30/05/2016 - 09:03

In a city full of monkeys I am the king
Because I am singing for the masses with strange grimaces
In the city fulla monkeys I am the king,
Cuz with grimaces for the masses is how I sing,

MaximusCorpusMaximusCorpus    Jeu, 25/02/2021 - 21:11

Concurred with the comments above! Good translation, would be great with a few tweeks here and there. Translating with a proper rhyme scheme is going to be tricky, but doable given enough time and creative thinking.

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