The Lion Guard (OST) - Haan, soch hai liyaa! (I Have A Plan)

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Haan, soch hai liyaa!

SCAR: Haraake mujhe woh khush the, ghutonga khushi kaa galaa!
Apne hee aakhri lapthton se doonga mei unhe chalaa!
laga tha naa mujhe milega doosra ye mauqa!
kaise jaane doonga mei bhalaa, maarungaa mai chaukaa!
haan, soch hai liyaa!
USHARI: Humei toh bataao!
SCAR: Haan, soch hai liyaa!
JAJA: Gaa kar hee sunaao
SCAR: Kahoon mai jo, tum wahi karo!
sab soch hai liyaa!
karo tum sab bure jaavaron ko jamaa!
banaungaa mai unse ek senaa!
ek baar jab senaa ban jayegi,
hum karenge dangal!
kabzaa karenge jungle!
Pride Lands pe karungaa raaj!
pahenoonga jeet ka yeh taaj!
Sub soch hai liyaa!
USHARI: Yakeen hai puraa!
SCAR: Haan, soch hai liyaa!
JANJA: Naa rahe adhoora!
SCAR: Kahoon mai jo, tum wahi karo,
Sub soch hai liya!
Haan, soch hai liyaa!!
USHARI: Mahaan ho aap!
SCAR: Soch hai liyaa!
JANJA: Kaise karoonga?!
SCAR: Kahoon mai jo, tum wahi karo,
Haan, soch hai liyaa!
Merci !
Publié par SCAR LEONSCAR LEON Sam, 25/09/2021 - 21:55
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Traductions de « Haan, soch hai ... »
BalkantürkBalkantürk    Sam, 25/09/2021 - 21:59

The artist is The Lion Guard (OST) please move it to it's proper page also this is transcription of hindi script. Usually first people add the lyrics and then it's transcription. In that case it should be first written in hindi and then it's transcription

SCAR LEONSCAR LEON    Sam, 25/09/2021 - 22:21

sorry if I did not understand well the first one I am new to this.

BalkantürkBalkantürk    Sam, 25/09/2021 - 22:27

Usually, first we post the original script (Cyrillic, hindi [telugu, tamil...] chinese, korean or japanese script...) and then we add it's transcription

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