Pembe Mezarlık (traduction en turc)

traduction en turcturc

Pink Graveyard

Your skin has stunk into my pillow
Last night, before you left me
With the pain you left in me,
With your scent i slept tonight
I saw a pink graveyard in my dream tonight
Corpses that are in love in a sweet coffin
While wandering around suddenly my chest filled
With a rotten strawberry scent
They were all dead bodies with a beating heart
A death angel standing on their heads
They're smelling a fainted pink rose,
In the dark
Forgive me, I wanted to die tonight
I wanted to be a pink graveyard
I wanted to split the darnkess with my hands
I missed you so much
Tonight I wanted so much to hang myself
To dig my own grave with my hands
But all I can do is sitting at my house
While writing songs to you...
Merci !


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Pembe Mezarlık

callmevilgcallmevilg    Mar, 30/11/2021 - 11:06

Hey, you should have selected "English". Please change it, thank you.

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