Cose della vita (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

The Things Of Life

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This are human situations,
Those moments of our
Goodbyes and returns
Which we can not understand. you see
I think of you...
Yes...yes, a bit.
They're just human contradictions
Feeling happy, feeling sad
These emotional transitions
All the memories we've had.
Yes, you know it's true
That I just can't stop thinking of you,
No I just can pretend all the time that we spend could die,
Wanna feel it again, all the love we felt then
Only close to the heart
Where each of us is situated
Behind his own pride.
I think of you...
I think of us...
This are the things of life,
They pass in a hurry.
Some for worse and some for better
But through it all we've come so far.. you see
I still stand on my feet
Because all my dreams are human.
I would take them all in my hands, yes, because
What is life without a dream to hold?
Take my hand and never let me go
But it's part of life together
Oh, what future does it hold?
This are the things of life
But where is the life?
Yes, you know it's true
That I just can't stop thinking of you
This nights is passing slowly,
I am trying to resist it, to comprehend it.
If our hearts miss a beat or get lost like a ship at sea
I want to remember, I can never forget
I just can't stop thinking of you
I am thinking of us.
I just can't stop...
Can't stop...
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Cose della vita