Toše Proeski - Da l' si sretnija (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Are you happier now

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You were mine from head to toe
You were mine and you hugged me like a child
Now you are hiding your eyes from me
You are someone else's now and I have no right to you
You are someone else's and everything I gave you has fallen apart
Much like a house of cards
Are you happier now that someone else is kissing your lips
Or unhappier because he awakes in my place
God knows I'm nothing special, but once I loved you madly
What right have you, to stand here at my doorstep
little one, I walked millions of miles
Now I don't sleep along any longer
I kissed you as if I'd never kissed another in this world
But you burnt me, turned me into smoke
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Da l' si sretnija