Daniel Na Cova dos Leões (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglaisanglais

Daniel in the lion's den

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That bitter taste of your body
Stayed in my mouth for a little longer
From bitter, then salty turned into sweet
As your strong and slow scent
Settled down in my arms, and still light,
Strong, blind and tense, apprised
That it was yet too much, and too much little.
I make ours the most sincere secret of mine
And I dare the dissonant instinct.
The insecurity doesn't attack me when I make mistakes
And your moment becomes my instant.
And your fear of fearing to fear
Doesn't turn my strength into confusion.
Your body is my mirror and in you I navigate
And I know that your flow has no course.
But, as right as the mistake of being a
Motorboat and insisting on using the oars,
Is the evil the water does when one drowns
And the lifeguard is not there because we can't see.
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Daniel Na Cova dos Leões

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